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Jan 10, 2010 10:00am EST
attack on terrorism, amanda carpenter who writes the hot button column for "the washington times," anne kornblut from "the washington post." and margaret carlson, chief political columnist for bloomberg news. did the white house get what it wanted in that there was so much media focus in the buck stops here. >> they got more of what they wanted than they did the previous week. i was on the trip to hawaii with him. they got more of what they wanted then which is him in the spotlight, a short sound bite that everyone can repeat, and a sense that he's actually taking charge. now, the question of whether it's actually going to lead to any consequences for anyone, we'll be debating that for weeks, months, but for the short term i think they did get what they wanted this week mp. >> amanda carpenter, was the press seduced by a scripted sound bite? >> in a way i think so. if you look at the walk up to this, general james jones told "usa today" you will be shocked with what's coming out in this report. that whetted the appetite. then the next day the white house gave background statements to th
Jan 24, 2010 10:00am EST
on in washington, especially with health care. >> you have a candidate who took the election for granted, who waited too long for an argument. >> she came off aloof and detached and voterses felt it. >> are the meeting overdra mat sizing the seismic shift that they felt. co-host of boston's 96.9 fm radio and jonathan martin who was in massachusetts this week to cover the campaign and amy holmes. jonathan martin, you were up in boston. didn't you, like everyone else in the press, initially assume that martha coakley would win this without an upset? >> i left boston thinking, okay, that's the ball game. sure enough, thursday night, got a ticket to boston. i went up there, not sure what was going to happen here, by friday afternoon i was staying for the whole time. >> why? >> because this is a state that has not had a republican senator elected for 38 years. it's been a very, very long time. there are governor there is in the gop but never in the federal level. we didn't think it was possible. brown was totally unknown. >> and martha coakley was very ahead in the polls. love polls. were too many
Jan 17, 2010 10:00am EST
in washington. nbc, ge, comcast, they all want to get this deal through the regulatory hurdles in washington. the affiliates have some choice in that debate. >> right. as you said, they could pull the plug in major parts of the country on the leno show. stephanie miller, you have a doctorate in comedy, explain why conan did so badly at 11:30. leaving aside the lead-ins and all that, those are factors. but why could he not reach the mass appeal that previous tonight show hosts had? >> ironically, i don't know if you read the latest ratings. he's actually doing great this week in beating letterman. >> i'm watching every night. but that's different. >> i don't know. i do think, like i say, people don't get long enough. interestingly people don't remember now, jon stewart had a syndicated late night show right before conan and i will tha was a complete failure. people don't remember. thank god he got another chance. i think he's the brightest star we have in late night. >> you were able to overcome the disaster on television. no one remembers it now september xept that i'm eve bringing it up. >>
Jan 3, 2010 10:00am EST
today." bill press, nationally syndicated talk show host and chris star walt from the washington examiner. let's start with michael jackson's death. huge pop star, seriously weird guy. the covers went on for two solid weeks. >> i remember you complaining about that. >> i'm still complaining about it. >> oi kachlt it went on for two years. yes, it was overkill. this was an icon of pop culture. i think that the country in a way needed the mourn. yes, it went on and on and went on too long. we're talking ratings here. the ratings went through the roof for this network. >> people were genuinely interested. michael jackson was the most googled term of last year. he was fascinating to generations of people. it's not a surprise he would get the coverage he got. >> my problem was the volume of the coverage. >> if there had been something major happening in the world -- >> there couldn't have been anything major happening. it was all blacked out. >> bill press, looking back in media terms, michael jackson's death was bigger than ted kennedy's passing and certainly walter cronkite's. >> i
Jan 31, 2010 10:00am EST
malpractice. he points out "the washington post" had to run two corrections for saying in one instance that he had been accused of bugging senator landrieu's phones. i don't know that a few mistakes in handling this means there's media malpractice. >> it's not media malpractice. this guy doesn't know the first thing about true journalism. he's a glorified prank center. he doesn't enjoy the attention we're giving him. i think what he's doing, entering into a senator's office, attempting to tamper with her phone, that's a serious issue. isn't something that should be taken lightly at all. he's facing possibly 10 years and prison and a $250 fine. that's not prank. that could land you in prison. he needs to rethink his approach to, quote, unquote, journalism. >> i want to turn now about the jay leno soap opera. >> it broke my heart. i really did. i was devastated. this is a job that i had always wanted, and it was the only job that ever mattered in showbiz to me. >> america has taken sides. and a lot of people are not on your side. >> yeah, i understand that. >> and they're not on your side becaus
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5